Duplasor is an easy to use artwork generation tool. It allows users in multiple locations to generate consistent brand communications, quickly and effectively

It works on three levels...

Monitor & Analyse

Duplasor can act as a hub for all your communications, including pulling data from existing systems, though to monitoring customer engagement with campaigns

The toolkit built into Duplasor gives you the ability to fine tune a promotion or react instantly to customer demands in a decisive, well informed and cost effective way


Duplasor automatically creates beautiful designed communications and keeps them in brand

Based on a simple selection process it ensures all messaging is consistent no matter which of the pre-designed templates the communication is applied to. This means that you can generate not just one single item, but a whole location specific campaign, down to the tiniest change in small print - instantly


Communications data, content and images can be updated or edited through Duplasor and driven to all graphic templates. If you'd rather keep control of the content centrally, it can still be managed from a local level to make and final adjustments

Production or delivery can be automated from this point

  • Create
  • Manage
  • Monitor & Analyse
  • Duplasor


Outlets can have restricted or managed purchasing ability to control any overspend on promotional materials

Easy To Expand

New templates can be easily uploadedĀ and linked to the asset management system


Monitor all the promotional activity across the whole estate


Easy navigation using dynamic drop down menus


Duplasor delivers print ready PDF artwork directly to the user's desktop.

Editing Features

Image and text editing tools give flexibility to all templates, with enough restrictions as to not dilute the brand

Easy to manage

Each store can be managed in terms of which templates or products they have access to

Unlimited Outlets

Any number of outlets/stores/users can easily be added to this system, each having their own login details

Data Driven Content

All templates linked to a managed database instantly updating and automatically producing accurate promotional POS

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